Fee-only charges • I do not sell any products • I charge a moderate hourly fee

Services include:

  • Retirement plan budgets through age 95
  • Retirement plan strategies: when to take Social Security, how much to spend of other income sources for low taxes & preservation of funds
  • Budgeting: in mid-career years, planning to pay off debts
  • Real estate advice: feasibility of home purchase and advisibility of home selling, house upgrades, or real estate investments
  • Investment planning and review:
    • I specialize in explaining investment basics (savings accounts vs. mutual funds, stock investments and annuities)
    • I help clients review an existing portfolio for safety and diversification
    • I help clients identify investment needs, such as starting a 401K for a self-employed person, or consolidating past 401Ks and IRAs
  • Tax preparation for individuals (not companies)
  • Review of a client's overall financial situation

My office is in my home in West LA, and is casual. I offer weekday, weeknight, and Saturday appointments. I am open year-round. References are available upon request.